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We offer fun, dynamic and educational activities from which your children will enjoy, play and create during their first years.

In Ninets we are constantly looking for innovations in order to offer to our students the best education

and the newest learning resources.

Don't miss out!

Educational Psychology Counseling

Our educational psychologist makes a monitored counseling to all of the students whose parents wish to get for their kids through individual interviews. Families can consult any doubt they might have.

Pediatric Physicians

In Ninets we have a pediatric doctor that visits the students often to check them up. She also gives advice about health and hygiene matters.

Own kitchen

We have a dinning room service. Our cook makes lunch every day adapting to every kid’s needs. In Ninets we use fresh food products, and we are very concerned about making sure there are many vegetables and fruits in their diet.


All our menus are made by our nutritionist. She makes a different menu depending on the age of the kid, and she also takes care about the food allergies of every kid.

Medical center service

We hired a service at the Barcelona Children’s Hospital, which allows us to have access to the E.R. (Emergency Room) through videocall.

Family’s School

Throughout the whole school year we offer family talks about different topics: diet tips, hygiene habits, siblings issues, etc.


The goal of swimming is to familiarize children with the aquatic environment. In addition, other benefits derive from this practice, for example: empowerment of the child's psychomotor development; strengthening of the cardiorespiratory system; helps the child feel more secure and relax.

Parents night

We know that moms and dads also need their own time for themselves and to spend time with your partners, friends and family.

Security Cameras

Our student’s safety is very important for us, that’s why we have installed security cameras all over the school to keep them safe.

Daycare Tickets


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  • Sodexo

  • Cheque dejeuner

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